This thorough manual’s main objective is to provide patients with the knowledge they need regarding the preeclampsia condition’s nature, likelihood, risk factors, symptoms, and course of therapy.

Preeclampsia is a frequent problem that develops during pregnancy. It is characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. This complex illness offers a serious risk and has to be treated right away.

Identifying potential red flags

Pre-eclampsia can develop as a result of a number of symptoms, necessitating monitoring and medical attention.

– Elevated blood pressure: 140/90 mmHg or higher blood pressure values necessitate medical treatment. A rise of 30 mmHg or greater in either the systolic (upper) or diastolic (lower) blood pressure should not be disregarded.

– Proteinuria: A significant indicator of pre-eclampsia is the presence of 300 mg of protein in a 24-hour urine sample or a result of +1 on a fast test.

– Edema: Swelling of the arms, legs, or face, particularly under the eyes, or the persistence of depressions in the skin when pressure is applied to swollen areas, should be taken into consideration.

– Chronic headaches: Chronic headaches that don’t go away after using pain relievers need to be carefully addressed and discussed with a doctor.

Auras and other visual disturbances like double vision, blurred vision, the perception of dots or flashes before the eyes, and blurred vision must all be evaluated right away.

– Nausea or upper abdominal pain: It’s crucial to understand that these symptoms should be investigated because nausea in the second part of pregnancy is unusual and may be confused for indigestion or gallbladder issues.

– Sudden weight gain of 2 kg or more per week or more may be a sign of a serious issue and should be reported right away to medical professionals.

Even though preeclampsia often manifests mildly at the end of pregnancy and has a good prognosis, it is important to understand that the illness can quickly deteriorate, harming both mother and fetus.


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