Pregnancy management

Pregnancy management in the clinic, it is all necessary diagnostic and therapeutic and preventive measures, which involves the exclusion of all the risks and the preservation of health during pregnancy, both for the mother and the baby.

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We have gathered all recommendations of WHO and leading associations and the best international practices and implemented them in Jordania Clinic. All specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, reproductology, genetics and psychology are gathered in one place to make your pregnancy comfortable and safe.

We accompany pregnant women throughout the entire period. A woman can contact the Jordania Clinic at any time with a question and will be assured that she will receive an answer to her question.

Accurate prenatal diagnosis is performed by ultrasound specialists with modern ultrasound equipment with extensive experience, which eliminates any risk in the development of defects in the baby.

Starting from the 5th day of confirmation of pregnancy by hCG test, a woman can get registered. All pregnancy management programs include consultations with specialists (obstetrician-gynecologist 9-11 times, internist, endocrinologist, neurologist), ultrasound, CTG, colposcopy, ECG, laboratory diagnostics including genetic screening for congenital abnormalities.

At the Jordania Clinic we have the experience and specific programs for high-risk pregnancies. These types of pregnancies include multiple pregnancies, pregnancies with Rh conflict, pregnancies with extragenital pathologies (endocrine diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc.), pregnancies after IVF

Having a baby is a very important part of a woman’s reproductive life. Being a mother is inherent in nature. That’s why specialists and technologies in Jordania Clinic allow you to feel confident about your health and the health of your future baby.

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