Going through struggles when you want to get pregnant, can be a highly challenging and stressful experience. For patients, it can be a physically and emotionally demanding time and for partners it can be extremely tough to see a loved-one go through the experience.

In contrast to the minefield of information that exists about the different treatments, there is limited support on how to deal effectively with the stress, uncertainty and the rollercoaster of emotions that you might go through.

If what you are trying to do to get pregnant is unsuccessful, as a result it can be an upsetting and hopeless time for many people. Research has shown that 90% of fertility patients experience symptoms of depression or anxiety relating to their fertility problems.

Research has also shown that women with high levels of stress are less likely to become pregnant, underscoring the importance of considering stress when attempting to identify the determinants of conception.

The Get Pregnancy Ready programes are a natural organic approach to come back to your body and take back your confidence. They give you the effective support you need to reduce stress levels, to create more balance in the body, and to integrate empowering resources for this journey.

We look forward to meeting you and to helping your body be ready and at its best so that you can move forward in the exciting adventure of having a child!


Irati’s experience:

When I visited Virginia for the first time I was going through a particularly stressful time of my life: I was trying to get pregnant with my first child, after a miscarriage and quite a few months of trying to get pregnant again. On top of this I was finishing my PhD! The visits we had definitely helped me relaxing and releasing a lot of the tension I had. Not long after my first visit my little one made his way into life 🙂 I am pretty sure that in my case, releasing all the tension I had was key to facilitate the whole process. I would definitely recommend the sessions!


Irati RodrĂ­guez

Camila’s story:

Camila had tried to get pregnant naturally for two years and didn’t work. Doctors said that getting pregnant naturally was really unlikely. After a couple of inseminations that didn’t work, Camila met Sergi and started a programme with us. We worked at the same time that the medical treatment she was doing. She started feeling more empowered to deal with the stressful situation, letting go of efforts and blockages in her body, and learning how to be more relaxed. After another insemination that didn’t work, she decided to wait a bit until starting IVF. We focused on working together to gain back relaxation, pleasure and confidence. After a couple of months allowing her body to work, she got pregnant naturally. We had been working 7 months with her by then.


Camila della Bitta