Nutrition plays an increasingly important role as the body prepares for fetal growth and the subsequent breastfeeding process throughout pregnancy. The uterine and placental tissues change as blood flow rises.

gaining weight and its importance

The likelihood of a healthy pregnancy result is considerably increased by maintaining a normal weight before getting pregnant and adhering to proper weight gain limitations.

focus on maintaining a regular and balanced diet

It is highly advised to consume a regular, balanced diet throughout the day, especially at your main and snack meals. Each meal should consist of a mix of foods with various nutrient profiles.

identifying a person’s nutritional requirements

A pregnant woman’s particular calorie requirements vary depending on her age, level of physical activity, height, weight, and general health.

Using the data on food labels

It is strongly advised that you read food labels because they offer crucial details on the ingredients in the product, how to store it, and the suggested use.

Important Nutritional Elements During Pregnancy


Foods rich in dietary fiber.

Foods rich in calcium

Major sources of calcium: milk and dairy products, canned fish (sardines) with bones, beverages and soy products (calcium-enriched).


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